Turo Welcome


Thank you so much for booking with us. 

Hackett Lu Holdings, LLC is delighted to assist you with your immediate transportation needs. 

If you need any extras like:

Pre Paid Refuel

Child Safety Seat

Camping Gear

Pet Fee if you have a pet

Picnic Basket

Please visit the extras section on the Turo app to add them to your trip.

Step To Take Before You Arrive At the Car:

Please email a copy of your driver’s license and proof of insurance showing to the insurance company and policy number to carsharing@hackettlu.com or text 404-914-3143. We will send you an electronic copy of a walk-around form that you will approve before using the vehicle.

Steps to take when you arrive at the vehicle:

Step First: The vehicle will be parked in the last row facing the right side of the building in the parking lot of our corporate office location. The key is secured inside a key lock box on the driver’s side window.

Step Two: Send a selfie of you holding your license by to face

See the video instructions for how to use the key lock box. Click HERE 

Step Three: Please unlock the vehicle then roll down the window and retrieve the lockbox. Then store it in the glove compartment for the duration of the trip. 

Step Four, FINAL STEP 

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to take photos and document the condition from all sides of the vehicle for your protection before you leave the parking lot. 

At this time please approve Hackett Lu’s walk-around form. Do Not Leave before completing our walk-around form. 

You are all set and ready to drive. 

*****Returning The Vehicle******* 

Step One: To return the vehicle, please make sure that you retrieve all of your belongings. Park the vehicle towards the last row facing the right side of the building, when possible.  

Step Two: We will send you another walk-around form using the same delivery method as before. Please check for any damages and note this on the form or otherwise approve the form. 

Step Three: Retrieve the key lock box from the glove compartment and then place the lockbox on the window so that it rests on the crease of the metal piece on the window allowing the lockbox to remain on the outside of the window. 

Please roll the window back up all the way. 

Turn the car off and exit the vehicle. 

Close and lock the door. 

Key in the code to unlock the lockbox and place the key inside pushing down the lock and closing the lockbox.

Release the lock. 

You should not be able to open the lockbox at this time. Please check that the lockbox is unable to open. 

If you can please key in the code to unlock the lockbox and push the lock down while shutting the lock box until it closes all the way. 

Please review our terms of service: