Short Term Rental Loan Services

Hackett Lu Holdings, LLC has partnered with top mortgage lenders in the industry to finance your next project. We specialize in short-term rental loans

These are some of the loans we provide.

Residential and Short Term Rental Loans

Loan Size: $75K-$2M

Amortization 30 Years

Max LTV 80%

NOO Only (Individuals, LLCs, Corporations, and LPs)

U.S. Citizens & Permanent Resident Aliens

Minimum Assets 6 Months PITIA

Credit: Middle Score

Property Types: 1-4 Units single-family residential, townhomes, condos, MF 5-8 MU 2-8

Min Property Value: $125K

Property Condition C1-C4

DSCR: 1.2

Must Be Rent Ready

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