Business Development Internship

Internship Description

Hackett Lu Holdings LLC is seeking Business Development Interns to learn valuable skills and gain experience working with an innovative startup assets holdings company in the real estate finance and acquisitions sector.

Business Development Interns will work directly with the President to assist with marketing and promotions as well as lead generation. You will be operating real estate acquisitions, mortgage loan services for real estate investors, and business acquisitions.

This opportunity is ideal for individuals with marketing skills but does not restrict anyone without experience. Advance training will be provided for those selected that are willing to learn and ready to excel in expanding marketing and promotions skills training. Permeant positions will be offered to people who excel and thrive. 

While this internship is not a paid salary position, we do offer a performance bonus for each assigned task.

This is a remote assignment that can be done from anywhere in the world, with a mobile phone, laptop, or computer Internet access.

Please send your resume to and label it in the subject line “Business Development Intern”.